But I'm Too Overwhelmed to Begin!

Let me start by saying that if you're feeling overwhelmed, you're not alone.  

In fact, most people feel this way before they begin the huge task of decluttering their home.  It's really quite normal to be excited and motivated at the thought of having a nice clean home, but then when you get started, it's quite another story.

You turn and face your whole house, all the stuffed drawers, the cupboards, the chaos, the mess... and you think

"How do I do it with all this!?"


I am well aware of the struggle this journey can bring.  (It's the reason I created this website!)

Decluttering your entire house is a lot of work, and it can be tough... I’m not gonna lie! 

Keep in mind, you’ve spent years and years accumulating all the things that you own and, if you’re like most people, you’ve spent very little time thinking about getting rid of any of it. 

And, most likely, you’ve been delaying this decluttering task for a while. So you don’t want to leave it any longer, for fear of never taking action in the future! 

But consider this...


The antidote to a feeling of Overwhelm is Action!


Even though decluttering your home is a big job, remember, that anything and everything that you do, every effort you put in to decluttering your home will pay you back one hundred fold! And the most overwhelmed you're going to feel is at the beginning, before you’ve taken any action. And, the more action you take, the easier it gets. 


One of the big reasons people are reluctant to make a start on a really big project is because they over think or over analyse a situation. They get stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’.

Thinking that ...

  • ...it all has to get done in an unreasonable time frame.  

  • ...they can’t start because they don't know exactly where they'll donate their unwanted things. 

  • ... they're worried they'll throw out things they'll regret later. 

  • ... they think it needs to be done perfectly or not at all.

  •  If any of this resonates with you, I suggest you take a breath and be a little kinder to yourself!


It doesn’t have to be perfect. 


Heaven forbid, there might be something you hang onto that you should’ve discarded. You might discard something you should’ve kept. 

But I can promise, no wrong decision is going to mean it's the end of the world! 

And no real harm will come of it. 


But . you . will . need . to . start. 


You will need to let yourself be a beginner and take the first step. 

This can actually be fun, remember you are creating a home and lifestyle that you love.  You’re about to reconnect with all the items in your home that make you feel really alive. So couldn't you allow yourself to be feeling... I dunno... maybe a little bit excited about this journey you're about to go on?

Often overwhelm is born because people are so focused on what it is that they're going to have to 'give up' in order to get something done. 

Yes, there will need to be time set aside to get it all done and you will have to reassess your priorities, but if your focus is on what you’re missing out on, then that’s how you’re going to feel. 


You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want. 


Let me tell you, when I started I had a lot of negative voices going on in my head.  Saying things like...

  • ...“It’s too hard”
  • ...“There’s too much to do here.”
  • ...“There’s not enough time” 
  • ...“You’ll never get to the end.” 


Sometimes they’d all speak at once. I was just a few days into decluttering my home and the voices were starting to win. I looked around at all the rooms in the house, the spare room that was packed full of... actually... I don't know what... all the scary cupboards and drawers I never wanted to open, then there was outside ... and ... oh man... there was the carport... and the shed.

I just felt defeated. 

I told myself it would take a lifetime to get through it all.

After that, I started telling myself it just wasn’t going to happen. 

And that's when I almost gave up.

 That same day my husband came home from a garage sale.  (Yes, he bought more items into our home that we didn't need... and yes I almost lost the mind).  But one of the things he bought at that Garage Sale was something that changed it all for me... 

It was a DVD.  

One of the Rocky DVD's with Sylvester Stallone. 

And there was something Rocky said in that movie.. that really got me going again.


‘It’s not about how hard you can hit, but about how many times you can get hit and keep moving forward.' 


That's what'll make you stronger in any area of your life. Going in one more round when you don't think you can.   That’s what makes all the difference. 

I thought about this quote the whole next day. 

When it comes to decluttering and the overwhelm that comes with it, I've made up my own quote, based on that one from that movie...   


“Anytime that you are able to push against that voice inside you that says it's too hard, it's too much or it's too overwhelming is a WIN. Each time you win, you get stronger to push against it again.  Soon you'll have so many wins and be so strong, you’ll barely hear the voice anymore.  The ability to PUSH BACK is a muscle that needs strengthening.  And strengthening your ability to push back against the negative voices in your head is what will allow you to make progress and achieve anything you want in your life.  And it's progress towards your goals that will bring you fulfilment and happiness." 


Play the Rocky theme song if you have to. Do whatever it takes in the beginning. Because it’s only the beginning that's hard.   It won't take long and you'll visibly see and feel results, and then it won't be such a push.  It'll be so motivating then.

It’s like you’ve got this big boulder sitting on top of a mountain. It’s really hard to get going.  Once it’s in motion though, it’s got momentum and it’s unstoppable.

That’s you my friend and that’s what’s going to happen to you if you can just get started. 

Honestly!  When you get started, you start to see and feel the rewards pretty darn quickly, and sometimes that's all you need to keep going.

Now, I could send you off now, cross my fingers and HOPE that you get started and find a way to push through when it gets tough...  OR  I could insist that you sign up for something that I KNOW will get you going to where you want to be. It's a challenge.  A 30 Day Challenge.  It's 30 small, simple, achievable tasks designed to make a BIG difference to the way you and your home is currently feeling.

If you're interested, I'd LOVE it if you joined.  You can find out more about it here...

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