The Mindfulness of Minimalism

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2018

I read all the books.  I knew what I should be doing If I wanted to be truly happy, fulfilled and was serious about living my best life.

It's what we should all be doing. 

Practising gratitude, being more mindful, more present, more in the moment.

It's the way forward these days isn't it?  

It helps with stress, anxiety, quality of sleep, pain and overall health.   It also allows us to keep perspective of things and remember what's important too.  

Buuuuuut what if you're a little like me? And...


You know what you should be doing.  But you just don't seem to be able to do it?


I mean, it wasn’t like I hadn’t tried... the meditation, the mindful journals.  Over and over again in fact.  But it just never ... really .... worked for me.   Too many thoughts would come at me and I wasn't able to calm and quiet them. 

They say that Mindfulness can take a lot of practice.

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The Women Who Run With the Wolves

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2018

I write these words to engage in a conversation with the wisdom that lives just a hair below your conscious awareness.

Listen then with these ears...

A book I once read changed a lot about the way I lived my life. It's a book I wished I had in my backpack as I travelled in my 20's, and one that may have soothed a lot of the doubt I felt in my 30's.

It's a book every teenage girl and grown up gal should read. A bible of empowerment, you might say. And a gateway to a very special part of yourself you may have become disconnected with. The part of yourself Clarissa Pinkola Estes refers to as your Wild Woman.


"The Wild Woman is between bars inside each one of us, howling and scratching her way out. Demanding that she has time to create art, to heal, to protect her territory, to guide, to give life, to mourn, to make love, to laugh scandalously with no shame, to live with no boundaries, to teach, to carry wisdom and to trust her intuition and instincts."


If you've ever...

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How Minimalism feeds Creativity.

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2018

What does it really mean to be creative?  The general consensus for a long while seems to have been

good at art = creative .... bad at art = not creative.

This is a terrible way to measure things.  So many of us shut this part of ourselves off because we weren't a success at High School Art classes. 

Creativity is so much more than painting, or drawing or making a clay pinch pot.  And it's something I've thought a lot more about over the past couple of years, since I began doing Stand Up Comedy.  As you know, I now live a Minimalist lifestyle and, thanks to this approach to life, I've been able to access my creative self so much more easily.

We live in a society that claims that it's the divergent thinkers that are appreciated, but in reality it's our ability to conform that makes us widely accepted.  Our school system trains us from a very young age to do this.  

Creativity isn't just for artists.  It's for everyone.  It's in the way we...

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Can I get my Kids on board with this?

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2018

Ok so breathe in... 2 ..... 3 .... 4 .... and Out  2 .... 3 .... 4 ...

There's no getting around it.  This may prove somewhat... uh.... challenging!

Challenging maybe...  But far from impossible!

If your child has dug their heels in about getting rid of any of their toys or belongings, (or if they're a certified hoarder) you can turn it all around.  (Believe me, I've been there!)

What's important to always in mind is that, this is going to be a massive lifestyle change this is for them. So while you are going to have a lot of things on your agenda here, you'll need to be considerate of their feelings.  Listen to them, understand their point of view and take on board their concerns and what they are saying.  Imagine someone came into your house one day and forced you to get rid of your belongings!   (I'm sure there'd be a fair bit of resistance!)  

So definitely don't yell, don't nag and try not to tell them what to do!  All this will do is...

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The Important Difference Between URGENT and IMPORTANT tasks

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2018


The tasks required of a mum these days is incredible. 

Mums are the heartbeat of the household and are constantly working hard to ensure their loved ones have a great home life. 

A recent study revealed a mother’s average morning involved juggling at least 26 little jobs  (signing permission slips, ironing uniforms, making kids lunches..) while completing at least 12 major tasks each day - school drop off, organising meals and managing domestic chores.   

And this all takes place amongst a flurry of moods, arguments and accidents in between.

It’s no wonder burnout and overwhelm are a terms synonymous with modern parenting. 

The study also revealed…

  • Six in ten mums fought with their partners because they felt they were relied on too heavily to remember everything for all the other people. 
  • One in eight mums said they had forgotten to pick up their child from school and left them waiting at the gates. 
  • ...
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